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The "NEW" GWA Chamber Gold Card

GWA Chamber Gold Card

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce the new GWA Chamber Gold Card connecting businesses and communities through GWA Chamber services hosted on its digital platforms. The Gold Card utilizes QR code technology to enable easy access to these online services anytime and from anywhere. GWA Chamber Gold Cards will be available from Gold Card Sponsors and at GWA Chamber of Commerce events and other venues.

From the front side of the GWA Chamber Gold Card find information about the GWA Chamber of Commerce as a New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation that promotes the common business interests and quality of life in the Towns of Wheatland and Caledonia and surrounding areas in Western New York State. Learn about the value proposition for how the Chamber can help your business and how to become a member. GWA Chamber of Commerce Members may include corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipal organizations, other organizations, professionals and interested individuals.

Gold Card Connections

The back side of the GWA Chamber of Commerce Gold Card has four distinct quadrants with individual QR codes that connect to various GWA Chamber online services supporting both businesses and communities.

Access the GWA Chamber's online Business Directory with a categorized index of more than 130 businesses serving the GWA Chamber region. Business categories include: attractions & activities,

food & drink, accommodations, merchants, service providers, automotive, financial, legal & insurance, real estate, health & medicine, industry and miscellaneous. GWA Chamber members are provided with premium listings located at the top of each category in the Business Directory.

Access an online version of the annual "Gateway to the Genesee Country" Community Guide sponsored by the GWA Chamber of Commerce, created and published by Featured Media. The Community Guide covers the beautiful Towns of Wheatland, Caledonia and surrounding areas. Highlighted communities in this region include the Villages of Scottsville, Caledonia and the Hamlet of Mumford, along with parts of Rush and LeRoy. The Community Guide describes prominent attractions, history, amenities and events in the associated communities in conjunction with informative articles and advertising of featured businesses serving the Gateway to the Genesee Country region.

Easily access community organizations through the Community Connections QR code that includes a detailed list of area community-oriented and municipal organizations with associated contact information and/or hyperlinks to their online presence.

The Member Headlines QR code provides a connection to the GWA Chamber Member Headlines Forum, an online venue where to discover current information about the GWA Chamber organization, its members and other relevant business and communities in the "Gateway to the Genesee Country" region. This forum includes Headline Articles, and News & Notices that help connect businesses and communities. Check out the GWA Chamber Gold Card Sponsors and the latest information about their businesses.


News, Notices & Article Detailed Content


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