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The GWA Chamber of Commerce's governance is defined by the organization's by-laws as a set of policies, practices and mechanisms by which the organization is directed, controlled and financially managed. Organization leadership represents the membership in its entirety, treating all members in a fair and inclusive manner, consistently acting in the best interests of the overall organization and ensuring transparent and responsible decision-making procedures.

Organization governance terminology

The Chamber utilizes a strategic framework for organizational planning with a defined vision, mission statement, core values, a three-year strategic plan and annual operations plans.  The 2022 Annual Report includes descriptions of the organization's progress items in 2022 and plans for the upcoming year.




A vision is a long term, enduring, aspirational view of a community, business or other type of organization. A vision should be based in reality to be meaningful, describing an outcome that is a stretch but viewed as achievable. A vision should also be believable and relevant, building a tangible image in people's minds, providing inspiration, purpose and direction.  A vision is not necessarily where the organization is today rather it's where the organization wants to be in the future. The following statement vision applies to the GWA Chamber of Commerce:

Visionary view of the sky

“The GWA Chamber of Commerce is the preeminent place for supporting the common interests of all businesses and professionals in the Towns of Wheatland, Caledonia and surrounding areas, while also helping to inspire community engagement. The businesses and communities served by the Chamber receive recognizable value provided by the organization, stimulating the desire for active participation and positive contribution. The region served by the Chamber views the organization as a cornerstone asset for the community, providing leadership that serves as a catalyst for achievable and sustainable business and economic improvement along with helping to promote civic vitality”.

Mission Statement


A mission statement is used to help define the enduring purpose of an organization, providing information and standards regarding how the organization operates and how it will go about helping realize the established vision. The GWA Chamber of Commerce mission statement is defined below:

“The GWA Chamber of Commerce, as a New York State nonprofit corporation, is dedicated to serving the Towns of Wheatland, Caledonia and surrounding areas by helping to facilitate a prosperous business climate through common business interests and a suitable quality of life for the region served. The Chamber engages in activities directed at general business and economic improvement across the region.” 

Core Values


Core values are defined as the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization that shape behavior and action. The GWA Chamber of Commerce is committed to the following core values to ensure successful achievement of its stated mission:

  • Outstanding Stakeholder Relations: Operate with the highest integrity and ethics at all times, consistently treating all Chamber stakeholders fairly, with courtesy and respect. Chamber stakeholders include: members, area residents, area non-member businesses, out-of-area suppliers, visitors, local municipal Governments and other relevant organizations.


  • Safety: Promote a safe and productive community environment by instituting and enforcing essential safety related practices for all Chamber sponsored programs, events and activities.


  • Sense of Community: Encourage business and individual community engagement and service by actively promoting a spirit of volunteerism for charitable, educational or other worthwhile activities in the region served by the Chamber.


  • Collaboration: Cooperate effectively with all stakeholders, working together as true partners towards the common best interest of Chamber Members and the communities in the region served by the Chamber.


  • Fiscal Responsibility: Be responsible and accountable for the financial well-being of the Chamber today and into the future, transparently aligning member needs with provided services, consistently delivering high quality at a reasonable cost.


  • Preservation: Promotion and careful stewardship of the region’s distinctive heritage, natural environment and prominent amenities.

Strategic Plan


Provides high level directions covering a three-year planning horizon, including:


  • Goals - Provide broad statements of strategic direction intended to steer the development of subsequent elements of the planning process, including objectives, strategies and action plans.


  • Objectives -Decomposes a broadly defined goal into specific constituent components of “what” needs to be accomplished in order to satisfy the associated goal.​​


  • Strategies - Systematic plans and methods that broadly define “how” to approach and achieve objectives, that are much less specific than actions defined in associated Annual Operations plans.

Annual Operations Plan


Provides detailed plans on an annual basis defines as a set of one or more specific steps that collectively implement a strategy in a tangible and measurable manner, including the following as applicable:


  • Actions – Prioritized, incremental and measurable actions (the detailed “what”)​​​


  • Approach - Description of methodology for completing individual actions (the detailed “how”)​


  • Resources - Allocation of resources (“who” is responsible for completing actions)​


  • Timeframe – Period of performance including identified time of completion (the “when”)

Roles and Responsibilities



The GWA Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven enterprise consisting of an association of interested parties working collaboratively together to further the general interests and common goals of the organization, with activities directed at the improvement of general business and economic conditions while helping to facilitate a suitable quality of life across the communities served. Members may include corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipal organizations, other organizations, professionals and interested individuals. There are no limits or restrictions on the number or kind of members that choose to get involved in the chamber of commerce. Payment of dues, agreement to abide by the GWA Chamber of Commerce Board of By-Laws, all approved organization policies and resolutions are required as a condition of Chamber membership. Applications for membership shall be submitted on forms provided for that purpose and signed by the applicant. 

Board of Directors

The GWA Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors consists of four Officer positions and general board member positions that are filled  by nomination and election from the Chamber's eligible general Membership. The Board of Directors are elected to annual terms. The Board of Directors follow the organization’s by-laws, policies, and approved board resolutions. A member of the Board of Directors has general responsibilities for ensuring that the organization fulfills its mission by planning for the future, monitoring operations, and evaluating the organization’s performance. Collectively the Board of Directors are responsible for:


  • establishing the framework of the Chamber in the organization's By-Laws such as:  organizational structures, policies and procedures,


  • the behavior and performance of board members,



  • ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management,


  • approving and monitoring organizational programs, events and services (including fundraising),


  • representing the organization to the outside world

Executive Committee

There are four Officer positions with specific roles and responsibilities defined for the Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce including:


  • President - Presides at all meetings of the Chamber, submits at the Annual Meeting a full report of the work of the Chamber and except as otherwise authorized by the Executive Committee or President is the public spokesperson for the Chamber.


  • Vice President - Assists the President in all of his or her duties and in the absence of the President shall assume the duties of the presiding officer.


  • Secretary - Responsible for keeping the Chamber records and seal, the membership role, meeting minute books and resolutions. 


  • Treasurer - Responsible for supervising the collection and deposit of all dues, receipts and other funds of the Chamber, establishes and maintains such bank accounts that may be necessary to carry out these duties.  The Treasurer also performs a continuing audit of all receipts, deposits, disbursements, and monthly financial statements as well as providing a financial report at each regular meeting of the Chamber's membership.


Officers are Board members elected to these positions by the general Board of Directors, and collectively comprise the Executive Committee, which is responsible for the general management and day-to-day operations of the organization.

MIssion Statement
Coe Values
Roles and Responsibilities
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