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About the Chamber

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is a New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation with a purpose to promote common business interests in the Towns of Wheatland, Caledonia and the surrounding area of Western New York State, for the benefit of its members, all local commercial enterprises and the communities served.

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The Chamber is a membership driven enterprise consisting of an association of interested parties working collaboratively together to further the general interests and common goals of the organization, with activities directed at the improvement of general business and economic conditions while helping to facilitate a suitable quality of life across the communities served. Members may include corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipal organizations, other organizations, professionals and interested individuals.

What is the Chamber

Value Proposition


The GWA Chamber of Commerce value proposition is defined as a set of statements that summarize the                                            potential benefits afforded to members of the organization. A key tenant of the organization is to deliver                                                    recognizable value for the benefit of its members, all commercial enterprises and the communities served.


How Can the GWA Chamber of Commerce Help You?


  • The GWA Chamber of Commerce provides a fair and affordable venue for all area businesses, professionals and other organizations to help define and support activities associated with common business interests and the improvement of general business and economic conditions in the communities served by the Chamber.​


  • The GWA Chamber of Commerce offers businesses and professionals with occasions to meet and network in order to develop an understanding of the region’s common business interests. These interests can include the identification of common problems, issues, opportunities and needs across the breadth of the communities in the region served with the intent of general business and economic improvement and sustainment.


  • The GWA Chamber of Commerce advocates on behalf of the collective businesses and professionals in the communities across the region served. Such advocacy is intended to advance common business interests and may include activities such as promoting the enactment of laws, the pursuit of applicable grants or support of municipal planning and development for the improvement of business and economic conditions.

  • The GWA Chamber of Commerce markets and promotes the organization and the common interests of the collective business community with the intent to increase the visibility and awareness of the region served in support of business and economic condition improvement and sustainment.

Delivering value

Join the Chamber of Commerce


Organizational Membership

Each Organizational Membership includes the opportunity to incorporate a URL for a website (or social media                                        page) that will be linked from the GWA Chamber of Commerce website, in conjunction with a graphic (i.e., logo,                                                image or photo) and a statement of 100 characters or less. Each Organizational Membership has full membership                                      voting rights and the opportunity for a representative of their organization to be nominated and elected to the Chamber's governing body defined as the Board of Directors.


There are three categories of Chamber Membership available for organizations as identified below, where each category has a specific annual membership fee as described in the General Membership Invoice Form.


  • Corporate Membership - Large businesses with >= 20 employees)

  • Business Membership - Small businesses with < 20 employees)

  • Partners Membership - Municipal Gov'ts, School Districts, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Churches, etc.


Leadership Level Supporter Option for Organizational Members

This level offers several enhanced value leadership opportunities for participating Organizational Members for an additional annual fee (as defined in the General Membership Invoice Form).  These opportunities include, as applicable:


  • Premium Member Listings in featured sections of the Chamber's website.

  • Participate in Chamber Board of Directors Strategy and Planning Sessions.

  • Participate in Advocacy Platform development.

  • Participate in Leadership Meetings with municipal and school system leaders.

  • First opportunity for GWA Chamber Committee Leadership positions.

Friends Membership (for Individuals only)

Friends Memberships are designed for individuals with general interest in the improvement of business and economic conditions in the communities served by the Chamber. Friends Memberships do not have voting rights but do have the opportunity to support the Chamber's mission and objectives as advocates. A Friends Membership is a great way to help make a difference in the communities served by the GWA Chamber of Commerce!  The annual fees for a Friend Membership are described in the Friends Membership Invoice Form.

Chamber Activity Sponsorships

As available, any Chamber Organizational Member or any non-member commercial enterprise may directly support GWA Chamber of Commerce activities, such as programs, projects or events with monetary or other types of contributions.


For new membership applications or membership renewals, complete the General Membership Form for Organizational Memberships or the Friends Membership Form for Individual Memberships. Be sure to complete the forms in their entirety, including a check payable to the GWA Chamber of Commerce Inc. and mail to:


GWA Chamber of Commerce

C/O: Membership Committee

P.O. Box 95

Scottsville, New York 14546

A membership brochure is available to support membership applications. Email the Chamber Membership Committee with any membership or application questions.

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