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Genesee Valley Trail Town 2022 Grant Project Completed

Informational Kiosk

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the completion of a 2022 Genesee Valley Trail Town (GVTT) grant project for the Town of Wheatland and Village of Scottsville communities.

A.    GVTT Grant Program Background

This project was supported with funding from the GVTT Grant Program administered by Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) and made possible by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation. 

The GVTT Grant Program supports initiatives to enhance outdoor recreation and increase connectivity between the Genesee Valley Greenway State Park (GVGSP) and neighboring communities. These grants are intended for Genesee Valley Trail Towns in order to boost and take advantage of visitation to the GVGSP and other outdoor recreational resources in the area, to facilitate economic development, to foster place-making efforts, to create safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians in Trail Town communities, and to implement projects identified in the GVTT Program’s community action plans.

The GVGSP is a 90-mile open space corridor from the Erie Canalway Trail in Rochester's Genesee Valley Park, connecting to the Town of Hinsdale located just off of Interstate Route 86 in New York’s Southern Tier. The GVGSP passes through the eastern portion of the Towns of Wheatland, Caledonia and other communities. The GVGSP is planned to eventually link other trails being developed around Western New York, including loops back to the Buffalo, New York area. The GVGSP includes a public, multi-use trail and natural and historic resources. The majority of the trail is an old railway bed that is a straight, level surface consisting of cinders, gravel and mowed grass. The Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway (FOGVG) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with the mission to assist in the development, protection, promotion, and maintenance of the GVGSP.

B.    GVTT Grant Pursuit and Award

The Wheatland Trail Town Committee served as the initial catalyst for pursuit of the identified 2022 GVTT grant opportunity. The Wheatland Trail Town Committee was established by resolution of the Wheatland Town Board as an advisory group responsible for liaising with the GVTT Program, organizing activities in support of the Program and participating in Program workshops and other activities. Eight community members were appointed to the Committee by the Wheatland Town Board.

The Wheatland Trail Town Committee facilitated the development of initial grant project concepts, which became the foundation of the GVTT Grant Program application. An unprecedented partnership of five local organizations was consummated to formally pursue this GVTT Grant Program award, with each organization committing to provide an agreed to amount of matching fund contributions to meet the grant application requirements. The following identifies the five contributing partners:

The GWA Chamber of Commerce was designated the lead organization operating on behalf of the contributing partners and submitted a formal GVTT grant application in March 2024. PTNY awarded a GVTT Grant Program award to the GWA Chamber of Commerce and its partners in May 2022 for the amount of $ 11,353, which was the largest amount awarded to any GVTT participating community. With the benefit of additional in-kind contributions from the above organizations, the overall grant project had a value of $21,110.

C.    Grant Project Description

The 2022 Wheatland – Scottsville GVTT grant project began in June 2022, following award of the GVTT grant by PTNY. The project included the following:

1.     Informational Kiosks were designed, constructed and installed at strategic locations in the Town of Wheatland and Village of Scottsville communities, specifically at Canawaugus Park in the Village of Scottsville and in the Hamlet of Mumford next to Free Style Mercantile and adjacent to the Department of Environmental Conservation parking lot for Oatka Creek. These kiosks provide a access to a wealth of information with descriptions of the communities, places to explore, activities to experience, outdoor recreation opportunities, points of particular interest, community history and QR code access to self-guided tours of the Village of Scottsville and the Hamlet of Mumford for biking or walking enthusiasts. There are also QR codes to easily access a categorized business directory of the region, insider tips and trail user surveys.

2.     Wayfinding Signs were developed and will be installed at key community locations in the Village of Scottsville providing GVGSP trail users, along with residents and visitors with visible directions towards Trail Town type amenities, such as: information, water, restrooms, food, lodging and the location of the GVSP trail. The signs follow New York State information signage specifications for design and colors.

3.     Biking Amenities were procured and installed at various locations in the communities to promote a bicycle friendly environment for residents and visitors, with a secondary benefit of facilitating opportunities for bicyclists to easily engage with businesses in the area. These biking amenities included the purchase and bicycle racks installed at strategic locations in the community, including at Canawaugus Park in the Village of Scottsville, and at the Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford. In addition, a bicycle repair station was purchased and installed in Canawaugus Park and includes: a bike pump with a pressure gauge and secure bicycle tools.

4.     Crosswalk Signs designating “Yield to Pedestrians” were purchased and are being deployed at various community highway locations during the good weather months in order to promote safe trail access. In particular, this signage facilitates the safe crossing of Route 383 in the Village of Scottsville between the GVGSP and the Village downtown area.

D.    Special Recognition

The GWA Chamber, on behalf of the contributing partners is pleased to recognize several volunteers and organizations that made important contributions in support of the 2022 Wheatland – Scottsville GVTT grant project. The following individuals volunteered significant time and effort using their collective talents to make this project a success:

  • Kevin Marks

  • Carl Schoenthal

  • Mark Turner

  • Katy Swank

  • Barb Chapman

  • Maureen Leupold

  • Bob Hatch

  • Alden Hatch (as part of his Eagle Scout project)

  • Dan DeRoos

  • Todd Schwasman

  • Becky Wehle

  • Mike Souers

In addition, the following are recognized for their extra level of support:

  • Lumber preparation for both kiosks and construction of the Mumford kiosk was donated by Alden Hatch, BSA Troop 4027 and the CMBB Varsity Football team. Alden completed this work for his Eagle Scout Project in August 2023.

  • Many thanks to Deb and Russ Free for allowing the Mumford information kiosk and bike rack to be installed on their property at Free Style Mercantile.

  • Concrete delivery for the Mumford kiosk proudly donated by The Dolomite Group.

  • Matthews & Fields of Henrietta New York provided a generous discount for the kiosk lumber.

  • Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway (FOGVG) for providing support via Pauline Burnes serving as Trail Town Coordinator who contributed her many skills, knowledge and contacts.


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