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GWA Chamber Welcomes Fox Pest Control

Fox Pest Control

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome its newest member, Fox Pest Control, an area business that provides services to eliminate a variety of pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, rodent control, and more.

The Story of Fox Pest Control

"After working in the pest control industry for years, brothers-in-law Mike Romney and Bryant White opened the first Fox Pest Control branch in 2012.

They founded their company on the belief that hard work and integrity would enable them to grow their business successfully -- and they were right! Fox now numbers more than 30 branches, all operated by local residents, small families who take pride in working hard, serving their community, and living the Fox Core Values. Each Fox employee works hard to provide the best customer service possible. With thousands of positive reviews and many prestigious rankings in the industry, Fox Pest Control is honored to be one of the top pest control companies in the country."

"Fox Pest Control has been serving this area since 2017. We take pride in providing high quality service and have helped thousands of customers rid their properties of pests."


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