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2023 Wheatland Community Hall of Fame Selections

Mark Turner Community Hall of Fame Induction

A well-deserved congratulations is provided to Mark Turner, a long-time resident of the Town of Wheatland for his selection and induction into the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame. Mark is a recognized community leader for his notable contributions across many areas of need in the Wheatland Community, including:

Mark was a founding member and leader in the Scottsville Athletic Association for 19 years, including running the Soccer Program for 10 years. He also served as the Chairman of the Wheatland Recreation Commission for more than 15 years and ran the Wheatland Recreation Youth Basketball Program for 14 years. These youth sports programs he ran provided memorable experiences for hundreds of youthful participants under his leadership.

Mark was responsible for the Town’s current web based municipal communications approach by developing the Town of Wheatland Website for $ 1 in 2016 and then creating and donating a Town Facebook Page solution for municipal community outreach. His municipal branding plan resulted in the creation of a new Town logo in 2017. Mark is the Founder of the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame, developing this citizen recognition program and leading its operation as the Chairman of the “Salute to Excellence Committee” since 2018.

Mark supports economic and community development as the Vice President of the local GWA Chamber of Commerce and as a member of the Wheatland Trail Town Committee. Serving in these roles, he was the principle author of the first Genesee Valley Trail Town Initiative grant application for the Wheatland Community. The subsequent 2022 Trail Town grant award was enabled in part by Mark’s personal financial contribution.

Well-deserved congratulations are also provided to the following people selected as 2023 Volunteers of Distinction supporting the Wheatland Community:

  • Kip Finley – For his long-time, dedicated volunteer contributions to key community initiatives including: The Town of Wheatland Planning Board (including the Master Plan Update) and the Wheatland Historical Association, including serving as President.

  • Shanna Fraser – For her consistent and dedicated effort in supporting many important local community initiatives, including; our local Wheatland Seniors, the WCCS Board of Education including leadership positions, the Wheastland-Chili PTA and others.

  • Kevin Marks – For his significant contributions in the pursuit, award and dedicated leadership in the execution of the first Genesee Valley Trail Town Initiative grant project for the Wheatland and Scottsville communities.

  • Kyle Nelson – For his dedication and commitment to the youth of our community through leadership of the Scottsville Athletic Association Baseball Program for many years while also coaching multiple teams.

  • Carl Schoenthal - For his visioning, dedication and commitment to helping the Town of Wheatland become a certified Genesee Valley Trail Town, supporting the pursuit and award Trail Town grants for Wheatland and Scottsville, along with contributions made on behalf of various other initiatives and organizations including the local GWA Chamber of Commerce, BSA Pack and Troop 122, he facilitates the I Love My Parks Day and serves on the Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway Board of Directors

The Wheatland Community Hall of Fame was founded in 2018, is governed by the GWA Chamber of Commerce, supported by a volunteer Committee and is funded by a combination of donations and sponsorships. The purpose of the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame is to facilitate a community wide tradition of identifying, recognizing and celebrating deserving citizens and supporters who contribute to the general benefit of the Wheatland Community. The Wheatland Community Hall of Fame has been made possible through the efforts and diligence of a “Salute to Excellence Committee” for collecting nominations, evaluating candidate qualifications and recommending selections for the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame. The recommended selections are reviewed and approved by the GWA Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

There are two levels of citizen and supporter recognition defined within the context of the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame:

1.     Induction as a member of the Community Hall of Fame

2.     Selection as a “Volunteer of Distinction”

Induction as a member in the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame recognizes and honors Wheatland’s most outstanding citizens and supporters who have made significant, positive, notable and/or lifetime contributions to Wheatland in the areas of community, education, recreation, civil and social services. See the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame Honor Roll to read more about the members. A plaque is displayed for each member of the Hall of Fame in the Wheatland Municipal Building.

Volunteer of Distinction recognition celebrates those individuals, who freely give their time, effort and talent to a community need, cause or organization without compensation while making positive contributions through demonstrated excellence in support of the Wheatland Community. See the Volunteers of Distinction Honor Roll. The names of all Volunteers of Distinction are prominently displayed in the Wheatland Municipal Building.

The “Salute to Excellence Committee” would like to thank all those who submitted nominations in 2023 and in past years for candidates to be considered for these recognitions. Note that all nominations are retained, updated and reconsidered in subsequent years.

Be sure to submit nominations in 2024 for those deserving individuals supporting your local organizations and/or the broader community.


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