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2023 Membership Enrollment

GWA Chamber of Commerce Membership

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is currently engaging with businesses in the communities of Wheatland, Caledonia and surrounding areas (including the Village of Scottsville, the Hamlet of Mumford and the Village of Caledonia) to learn more about local business community needs to better help serve your particular business and to share the Chamber's membership value proposition.

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is now a New York State Not-for-Profit organization and continues on a path to becoming an IRS determined 501(C)(6) Foundation. This transformation of the Chamber to a more formal type of organization is intended to better support local business success, connectivity, advocacy, marketing & promotion, and education. This new organization structure is also planned to more effectively enable the pursuit of funding sources for programs and partnerships to promote and facilitate local economic and community development.

The 2022 GWACC Annual Report describes the organization's progress items for the past year and plans for the coming year in 2023. Plans are presented in the context of the organization's three-year strategic plan, included at the end of the annual report document. There are some exciting plans for coming year, including new "Before Business Hours Networking" meetings supporting local business and community connectivity, in conjunction with broader marketing and promotion opportunities through partnerships with organizations such as Letchworth Gateway Villages and their geo-tourism online platform.

We would appreciate your consideration for joining the GWA Chamber of Commerce as a member for 2023, simply complete a membership invoice form and return to the Chamber with a check for the desired membership category and support level. Note that the due date for the completed membership form and payment of the associated fees is February 28, 2023. We would also offer you the opportunity to participate in one of the new "Before Business Hours Networking" meetings as they get rolled out in the near future.

We are more than glad to answer any questions you may have and would look forward to the opportunity to meet with your business representative to discuss your business needs, including broader economic and community development perspectives. Thank you for your attention.

GWA Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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