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Vanguard Website Solutions - Ambassador Level Sponsor

Vanguard Website Solutions

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Vanguard Website Solutions, a Leadership Member of the GWA Chamber has become an Ambassador Level Sponsor for 2024. Vanguard Website Solutions specializes in professional, affordable Website solutions designed for smaller, cost sensitive Governmental, Religious and other Not-For-Profit Organizations. Thank you to Vanguard Website Solutions for supporting the GWA Chamber of Commerce, its members, the common business interests of the region and associated communities.

GWA Chamber Annual Sponsors are showcased across the region and beyond, increasing the visibility and awareness of your business.

  • Get premium exposure with Sponsor Listings on the Chamber's digital platforms,

  • Be recognized as a pillar of the community, raise your business profile by supporting the social well-being of the GWA Chamber, local communities and their citizens,

  • Gain new business and public connections,

  • Build positive business credibility​,

  • Expand organization and brand recognition.

Sponsor Listings acknowledge your contribution with a business statement or slogan, business location, contact information and a logo or other image linked to your business' online platform.

The GWA Chamber of Commerce offers multiple Annual Sponsorship opportunities including:

  • Ambassador Level Sponsorship

  • Affiliate Level Sponsorship

  • Gold Card Sponsor

  • Business Connections Sponsor

  • Program Sponsor

Secure your business presence throughout the year with a GWA Chamber Annual Sponsorship that best fits your needs. Read more about how to become a GWA Chamber Annual Sponsor.


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