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GWA Chamber Sponsors New Community Guide Opportunity

Sample Community Guide Cover Page

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a Community Guide in partnership with Featured Media (Genesee Valley Penny Saver) for the region served by the GWA Chamber that includes the Towns of Wheatland, Caledonia and surrounding areas while highlighting the Villages of Scottsville and Caledonia and the Hamlet of Mumford. This region is being branded by the GWA Chamber as the "Gateway to the Genesee Country" which uniquely defines our beautiful area of the Genesee Valley. This Community Guide will be similar to other Featured Media publications that include all local businesses for free and offer advertising spots throughout. The image at the left of the page depicts a sample cover for this Community Guide.

The "Gateway to the Genesee Country" Community Guide will be published in August 2023, with 3,000 copies to be delivered to the areas served by the GWA Chamber, and 1,000 copies that will be dropped at high traffic locations around Monroe and Livingston Counties, like Wegmans. This Community Guide will also be available online. Advertising in this Community Guide is a great way of making sure our community stays connected and is able to find your business! Check out the "Gateway to the Genesee Country" Community Guide flyer to see how your business can advertise there today!

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