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Funding Trail Town Businesses Online Event

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The Trail Town Program, created by The Progress Fund and its network of partners has helped power community development with outdoor tourism across PA, WV and MD; and supported other trail town initiatives around the nation. It starts by thinking regionally: a world-class trail needs amenities along its entire stretch, and towns working together can create a much broader impact.

There aren’t cash registers on the trail, so if you want cyclists to boost your local economy, you have to tap your town into that opportunity— actively. Pedal your whole community forward by transforming into a bike-friendly destination where people want to stay, explore and spend. The Progress Fund Trail Town Program® was the first to test this idea, demonstrating how it can work, multiplying the economic impact along the Great Allegheny Passage over 10+ years.

Read more about this free online free online event will feature perspectives, strategies and stories in the Pennsylvania area and potentially how we can apply to the Genesee Valley region.


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