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GWA Chamber 2024 Annual Meeting of Members

Annual Meeting Presentation Cover Page

The GWA Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Members on January 11, 2024. The purpose of the meeting was to share GWA Chamber progress items, strategic goals and objectives and upcoming plans with the participants in an interactive proceeding. Lisa Wasson, the 2024 GWA Chamber President began the meeting with a brief opening statement: "thanking the membership for its interest and support, elaborating that the Chamber remains focused on delivering clear value to its members and the broader business community."

Lisa handed the meeting over to Mark Turner, the 2024 GWA Chamber Vice President who presented information summarized from the GWA Chamber's 2023 Annual Report and led the discussion with the meeting participants. The presentation material is available on the GWA Chamber's Website. Thanks for all who were able to attend and participate in the meeting discussions.

Highlights from the Annual Meeting included:

Annual Meeting Presentation Overview
  • Transformation process to formalize the Chamber in order to provide more capabilities and services for members is near completion.

  • Chamber leadership continues to be focused on providing an affordable venue for members that delivers clear and substantive value.

  • 2023 financial performance resulted in a net gain of $ 84.53 for the Chamber while undertaking several new initiatives and partnerships.

  • Chamber re-branding complete with deployment of a new organization logo and promulgation of a regional brand for the area served by the Chamber: "Gateway to the Genesee Country."

  • New Before Business Hours Networking events were sponsored by the Chamber, hosted by members.

  • Formal strategic partnerships established with Livingston County Area Chamber of Commerce and Letchworth Gateway Villages established for regional marketing opportunities and member services.

  • Online Business Directory of more than 130 indexed businesses created and published.

  • The Chamber sponsored a Community Guide in partnership with member Featured Media that included leading area businesses via purchased advertising and articles describing local attractions and events.

  • A GWA Chamber "Gold Card - Connecting Businesses and Communities" was discussed as a new value added initiative for members in 2024.


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