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Online Membership and Sponsorships

The GWA Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer an online form for memberships and annual sponsorships supporting both renewals and new members / sponsors.  Once the form below is completely filled out, simply press the submit button and a confirmation email with your submitted information will be sent to your designated email address. Mail a check for the identified payment amount to the GWA Chamber of Commerce to complete the process. We are working on a method to support online payments.

GWA Chamber of Commerce Online Membership and Sponsorship Form

Dear Organization Leader or Friend,

Thank you for your support of the GWA Chamber of Commerce, enabling the Chamber to help promote and stimulate business prosperity, economic development and community vitality. To join or renew your membership and/or select a sponsorship, complete the information requested below:

Membership Categories


​All memberships include listings on the GWA Chamber website members page and premium listings in the online business directory.



  Leadership Option (organizations only)

   $ 50 fee provides the following enhanced opportunities:

Membership Selection

Sponsorships - "Delivering Value for Your Organization"


  • Be showcased across the region and beyond, increasing business visibility and awareness.

  • Get premium exposure with Sponsor Listings on the Chamber's digital platforms​​

  • Be recognized as a pillar of the community, raise your business profile by supporting the social well-being of the GWA Chamber, local communities and their citizens

  • Gain new business and public connections​​

  • Build positive business credibility​​​

  • Expand organization and brand recognition

Available Annual Sponsorships



       See detailed sponsorship descriptions

Sponsorship Selection

Payment Calculation


Enter Fee Amounts selected above and add together to determine Payment Amount.


Friends Members

please select

*** Not Applicable ***


Other Member Categories

Check all selections

that apply

Media Options

Friends Members please select

*** Not Applicable ***


Other Member Categories

Check all selections that apply

Thank you for your GWA Chamber of Commerce Membership and/or Sponsorship You will be sent a confirmation email with a copy of your completed form

Complete one of the payment methods below to activate your membership and/or sponsorship

1) Mail a check for the Payment Amount identified in the completed form to:


GWA Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 95

Scottsville NY 14546


Make checks payable to:

GWA Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

2) Online Credit Card Payment (requires added 3% credit card surcharge)


Multiply Payment Amount by 3% for Credit Card Surcharge

Enter Credit Card Payment Amount

Add Payment Amount together with Credit Card Surcharge to determine

Credit Card Payment Amount

Online Payment Coming Soon

Welcome to the GWA Chamber of Commerce!

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